Sea VEGETABLES: From the ocean to your plate


Several recipes including Pickled Kombu with Ginger, Soba Noodles and Wakame and Spring Vegetable Coleslaw are presented.

Are Sea Vegetables the Cure for the Iodine Deficiency Epidemic?


The article offers information on iodine deficiency epidemic and the importance of the iodine in the human body in the U.S. In 24-hour urine levels of iodine have decreased in almost 50%, accordi...

The Lonevity Soup: From Overnight Congee Cooklet


The article introduces several congee recipes. They include hato mugi-grass barley which combines job's tears (hato mugi), water, navy beans, kombu, cardamom, and sea salt in a slow cooker. Overn...

oceans of beauty


In 1904, the famous French biologist Rene Quinton demonstrated that seawater and human blood plasma shared identical nutrient ratios. The French have long been passionate about their sea-based th...

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