Omega-3s for good health


The article provides information about omega-3 fats. Recent studies found that a healthy balance of essential fatty acids is critical to body health. The three important omega-3 fatty acids inclu...

Stop Heart Trouble with Sardines


The secret? "Magic" fats called omega-3s

Meals fished from the icy waters of northern Quebec provide the local Inuit people with a whopping 2 g of omega-3 fats a day. Experts think that's why these native Canadians have only half the rate of heart-disease deaths as their neighbors whose diets are low in omega-3s (Amer. Jour. of Clinical Nutrition, Oct 1, 2001).

For 2 g of omega-3s, try one helping of King Oscar Gourmet Sardines--in a salad, with pasta, or right from the can. Choose from Salsa, Mediterranean, or Pesto with basil, Parmesan cheese, and pine nuts.

Packed with Good Health



Convenient and versatile, canned sardines are a nutrition powerhouse full of calcium and omega-3s

When was the last time you ate sardines? If your answer is "ages ago" or "never," you may want to give this humble fish-in-a-can another try.



e first expressed in terms of lipids. Without being too technical, we must recall that the brain of the fetus has a real thirst for highly unsaturated fatty acids, particularly those of the omega-3 family.

The mother-to-be can use two ways to satisfy the huge demand for such fatty acids.

The first way is direct. It is to have a diet rich in preformed, highly unsaturated omega-3 fatty acids: in practice this means eating sea fish. Fish from the beginning of the seafood chain--such as sardines, pilchards, herrings or common Atlantic macker els--are not polluted.

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