The "New" Science of Epigenetics


The article discusses epigenetics, which is the study of genetic changes. The author looks at an article written by Emma Young on July 9, 2008 concerning epigenetics. Theories on evolution and ge...

Extrarenal Vitamin D Hydroxylase Expression and Activity in Normal and Malignant Cells


Extrarenal Vitamin D Hydroxylase Expression and Activity in Normal and Malignant Cells: Modification of Expression by Epigenetic Mechanisms and Dietary Substances

The article looks at nutrition research which examined the connection between vitamin D, exposure to sunlight, and the risk of various cancers. The article discusses the role of folate in the epi...



The author reflects on a study of functional somatic syndromes (FSS). He gives a brief information on this study and highlights the apparent overlap of FSS with the early clinical signs of chroni...

Retinoids and Epigenetic Silencing in Cancer


Examines mechanistic link between a vitamin A metabolite and epigenetic alterations in cancer prevention. Assessment of vitamin status and risk for cancer; Evaluation of vitamins for their influ...

Methylation, Epigenetics and Longevity


A new study, partly funded by the Life Extension Foundation, hopes to demonstrate how increasing the body's methylation through proper nutritional supplementation may extend life span.

The other night I was watching the movie GATTACA, a film about a future time when we are all identified by our DNA sequence. Of course, with this DNA sequence-based identity comes lots of distinctions of class, with some people given opportunities in life and others shunted to menial tasks. One of the distinctions in the movie that can be made from DNA sequence is anticipated life span, to the year.

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