Cord Blood Banking, Vaccination, and Mainstream Influence: What Every Parent and Parent-to-be Should Know


Julie Cook is the author of Unvaccinated, Homeschooled, and TV-Free: It's Not Just for Fanatics and Zealots. She lives in Howell, Michigan and is homeschooling her daughter using the unschooling method. Julie holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting, an M.A. in Instructional Design, an M.S.A.

On Death, Spirit and Healing


Initially, I was hesitant to do this interview due to some of the subjects involved (exorcism, alien possessions, and UFOs). But after I learned of Mr Telman’s academic credentials, I wanted to gain more insight into these subjects. Mr Telman’s academic achievements (the most impressive I have seen to date) are:

BA( Bachelor of Arts)
LLB (Bachelor of Law)
DipClHyp (Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy)
GradDipEd (Graduate Diploma of Education)
Med (Master of Education)
MBA (Master of Business Administration)
Reiki Master
Shiatsu Master

Trung Nguyen

All Roads Lead to Nutrition


Jack Challem, The Nutrition Reporter ™, is a personal nutrition coach and bestselling author based in Tucson, Arizona. He is one of America's most trusted nutrition and health writers, with 30 years of experience writing about research and clinical experience on nutrition, vitamins, minerals, and herbs.

Bipolar or Waking Up?

Sean Blackwell is a former advertising executive, who in 1996 entered a state of ecstasy so intense that he thought he had died and was going to Heaven. The episode ended with Sean being handcuffed by two police officers and taken to a psychiatric emergency ward for refusing to put his clothes back on in a Toronto hotel ballroom.

Everything You've Wanted to Know About Drug Addiction

Tibor A. Palatinus is a trained Narconon Drug Prevention Specialist and Drug Interventionist. Today, he consults drug users and parents and friends of drug users on how to save an addict's life by getting those in need to the Narconon Drug Rehabilitation program. Since 2001 he has been the Executive Director of Narconon Vancouver Society, in Vancouver, BC.

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