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Understand Cancer Series


The Understand Cancer Series is recommended for all cancer patients and researchers. After reading this series the reader will understand the cause, prevention, and treatment of cancer based on the best-available science.

These books are readable on any smartphone, tablet, PC, or Mac of any screen size.

Food and Cancer

Alternative Cancer Treatment Saved My Life: First-Hand Account


Like a growing number of cancer survivors, Linda Jaques emerged from a hellish conventional treatment experience feeling that if she had it to do all over again, she wouldn’t have taken that road to survival. The next few years of recovering from chemo damage led her to investigate so-called ‘alternative’, natural, and non-toxic approaches to healing cancer by restoring overall health, and not merely by clobbering the disease into temporary submission with extreme, health-gutting measures.

Things that cause cancer: Report on Carcinogens, 2011


The 400+ page report is included as a PDF attachment below.
2011 National Institutes of Health's "Report on Carcinogens."

The Cancer Lobby

Published: October 6, 2012

WHO knew that carcinogens had their own lobby in Washington?

Don’t believe me? Just consider formaldehyde, which is found in everything from nail polish to kitchen countertops, fabric softeners to carpets. Largely because of its use in building materials, we breathe formaldehyde fumes when we’re inside our homes.

Cancer Can Be Cured: Aloe Arborescens Cancer Treatment Protocol


Cancer Can Be Cured
By Father Romano Zago

Aloe isn’t medicine, and Cures” is another text along the lines of the first book written by Father Romano Zago, “Cancer Can Be Cured” that includes “The Scientific Monographic History of Aloe Vera and Aloe Arborescens”. In the last few years both books have received much acclaim in the field of alternative medicine in Europe. This time the author presents the curative properties of Aloe Arborescens and indicates, in simple practice, how to use this plant in curing over 100 types of illnesses including obesity and depression.

Cancer Diet: What Foods To Eat If You Have Cancer


Are there similarities between the vegan diet and most cancer diets?

Vicki D. wrote: 7, 000 clinical studies prove meat causes cancer, especially in children. And people still feed meat to their kids? Another meat headline: Processed meat and fast food meat are too dangerous for human consumption! This will be the first generation of parents that are going to outlive their children . Do something about it before it's too late! Adopt a plant-based diet!

The article was titled: Processed Meats Declared Too Dangerous for Human Consumption.

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