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Study: Tanning beds, UV radiation as deadly as arsenic, mustard gas, experts say


By Maria Cheng, The Associated Press

LONDON - International cancer experts have moved tanning beds and ultraviolet radiation into the top cancer risk category, deeming both to be as deadly as arsenic and mustard gas.

For years, scientists have described tanning beds and ultraviolet radiation as "probable carcinogens."

The Beautiful Truth


Hailing from a small town in Alaska, 15-year-old Garrett sets out to investigate the direct link between diet and disease, and in the process, he learns about world's simplest cure for cancer. An inspirational journey of a boy who learns about the dangers of the toxic materials that surround us, The Beautiful Truth, written and directed by Steve Kroschel, premiered at The Quad Cinema in New York City on November 14, 2008.

Giving Cancer an Energy Blackout


In the 1920s, the German researcher Dr. Otto Warburg discovered that cancer cells rely heavily on a process known as glycolysis to produce energy.

Dr. Warburg, a Nobel Prize winner, also found that cancer cells did this even when there was sufficient oxygen available for a far more efficient, oxygen-dependent energy-production process used by many normal cells, called oxidative phosphorylation. The paradox came to be known as the "Warburg effect."

The New Medicine


Everyday events or conflicts don't usually catch us so "off guard". We generally have a chance to anticipate the normal conflicts that we face in life, but the conflicts we are unable to prepare for and which cause this helplessness and inability to react, create, in essence, a panic shock. We call these biological conflicts.

Introduction to Alternative Cancer Treatments


by R. Webster Kehr, Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc.

Part 1 - The Medicine


Most people could not name five of the more than 300 alternative cancer treatments. Fewer still could name the five most potent alternative cancer treatments for advanced cancer patients.

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