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Heart Disease Can Start in Your Teeth


Dr. Weston Price, along with 60 of the Nation's leading scientists, while working for the ADA (American Dental Association), were convinced that endodontically treated teeth DID produce such systemic diseases as kidney and heart diseases, arthritis, pregnancy complications, endocarditis, and other systemic diseases...Many people have been told their health problems are all in their head because their symptoms or diseases have no medically known cause or treatment. Dr.

Why Animals Don’t Get Heart Attacks, But People Do!


Interview of Dr Rath, M.D. by Family Health News

Family Health News: Dr. Rath, your book is entitled "Eradicating Heart Disease." Do you really believe that this deadly disease can be eradicated?

The Cause of Heart Disease


"As a drug chemist for a leading pharmaceutical company I made a startling discovery: you do not have to be dependent on FDA approved drugs to avoid heart disease. In fact, research clearly shows the opposite. You don’t need a single prescription drug to avoid this killer. Consider this, FDA approved drugs - used as prescribed - are killing over 125,000 people every year. Nationally, this makes prescription drugs the fourth leading cause of death after cancer, heart disease, and stroke. That does not count death by hospital medical error, which adds 98,000 deaths to this atrocity.

The Linus Pauling Therapy For Heart Disease


... the heart surgery industry is a fraud. -- Dr Julian Whitaker

The heart surgery industry is booming. According to American Heart Association statistics, in 1995 1,460,000 angiograms (the diagnostic procedure that starts the ball rolling) were performed at an average cost of $10,880 per procedure. This resulted in 573,000 bypass surgeries at $44,820 a shot, and 419,000 angioplasties (the balloon procedure for opening up arteries) at $20,370 each. The total bill for these procedures is over $50 billion a year.

The Dangers of Cholesterol-Lowering (Statin) Drugs


Dr Bernard Lowen a Professor of cardiology reported on a 10 year study which concluded that 98% of bypass surgeries are unnecessary. He appeared with Nathan Pritkin to say that diet and excercise can heal heart disease.

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