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You Are All That Is

Today is the day to extend your thinking of conscious creation to one of deeper understanding. You have previously thought of creation as something that happens to you from a higher power. Is this true? Yes, in some senses it is. AND it is true that it comes from you.

All That Is has never, not been. You are. You were. You will ever be. Who are you? You are consciousness, a personal extension of consciousness so vast you may never be able to understand it in that world. Consciousness is a knowing of all things.

On Death, Spirit and Healing


Initially, I was hesitant to do this interview due to some of the subjects involved (exorcism, alien possessions, and UFOs). But after I learned of Mr Telman’s academic credentials, I wanted to gain more insight into these subjects. Mr Telman’s academic achievements (the most impressive I have seen to date) are:

BA( Bachelor of Arts)
LLB (Bachelor of Law)
DipClHyp (Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy)
GradDipEd (Graduate Diploma of Education)
Med (Master of Education)
MBA (Master of Business Administration)
Reiki Master
Shiatsu Master

Trung Nguyen

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