How to exempt your child from vaccination

How to exempt your child from vaccination

Vaccination is not mandatory. There are exemptions and here's what one parent did.

Doctor XXX,

My wife and I would like to say it was an absolute pleasure to meet you. We thank you for taking the time with us the other day to discuss our beautiful little daughter XXX.

I was wondering if I could take a moment to discuss something with you real quick regarding the notes I read this evening in her file. Please note, this is a very calm letter and not meant to start a debate in any way. We value your profession and position.

The Case for Vaccination: Smallpox, Polio, and the Seasonal Flu

Polio Vaccination Kills

To understand why vaccines are useless, you need to study vaccine ingredients and side effects.

1) Vaccine ingredients are more poisonous than those used to make meth. Common vaccine ingredients: mercury, aluminum, human and animal DNA, formaldehyde (used to laminate wood floors), polysorbate 80.

2) Vaccine side effects are more deadlier than cigarette side effects. Common vaccine side effects: brain damage (autism, dementia), cancer, paralysis, nerve control disorders, seizures.

The Dark Side of the Routine Newborn Vitamin K Shot


Posted by Dr. Mercola | March 27 2010

By Dr. Mercola

It has been standard practice in the U.S., and most western countries, since 1944 to welcome babies into the world by subjecting them to a variety of medical interventions, one of which is a painful jab with a syringe full of vitamin K.

This injection is routinely done to almost all newborns, unless you, as a parent, refuse to consent.

Evidence Against Vaccines: Why Parents Should Be Given a Choice


by Sandy Mintz

…thousands of children die and many thousands more are injured, often within hours of receiving a vaccine, and the vaccine is automatically said to be unrelated.

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