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Antidepressant Side Effects--Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil, Effexor


Yes, biochemistry is biology and chemistry combined. It is the study of biological processes at the molecular and cellular level. The causes of many diseases, even the side effects of prescription drugs, can be explained through biochemistry.

Now, back to Paula’s question: Why do prescription drugs have such horrific side effects?
All medications work by changing your body’s natural chemistry, or metabolic pathways. This is where the side effects come from.

Causes Of Depression


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--Let's start with the vegetarianism and meat buzz. This one comes from Quansan52: "Praying and giving thanks may psychologically give one peace of mind but will not escape the Universal Law of Karma. So when one consumes the meat, will also bear the bad energy of fear , hate and anger of the animals' suffering. So one wonders why one can wake up one day feeling lousy or depressed for no apparent reason."

Why Do People Get Depressed? Depression Causes, Symptoms, Treatments


The causes of depression are different, depending on the person experiencing it. The majority of depression is situational and temporary. Situational depression is the most common and most of us experience it at some point in our lives. Examples include divorce, job loss, loss of loved ones, unfulfilled expectations, over-reacting or misinterpreting life events. You know, stuff that happens in life and affect us all.

If depression is not situational, here are other possible causes:

Anxiety And Depression In Women--Causes, Symptoms, Treatments


Anxiety and depression in women
Depression is a universal experience. We all experience it at some point in our lives. But what causes depression, or why do people get depressed?

There are many possible causes to depression and these underlying causes are different, depending on the person. The reasons why you get depressed will likely be different than someone else.

Let's look at some possible causes of depression.

Junk Food Linked to Depression in Adults


A recent study published in The British Journal of Psychiatry gives new meaning to the hackneyed expression: you are what you eat.

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