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Causes of Depression


Are Antidepressant Drugs for Depression Wrong? Three part series. All three videos are included on this page. Kathy Fountain: No question what drugs are making the most money these days in this country. Many of them are the antidepressants. The Prozacs, Zolofts, Paxils. Americans are gobbling them up to alter their mood. Well, their effectiveness has almost been unquestioned until recently.

Going from One Antidepressant to Another


One Antidepressant leads to another. I went to my general doctor. When I went to see him I told him I wasn’t feeling well. I’m tired all the time. I’m not productive as I used to be. And he talked to me for about 10 or 15 minutes and asked me some questions. He asked me some questions like: How did I handle problems like if my teenage son stayed out too late? Or if my daughter got bad grades or things like that. At that point he looked at me and said, “Well, Sharon, it sounds to me like you’re suffering from a case of depression, and it is a biological problem. It’s not your fault.

Overcome Depression Naturally


Believe nothing
No matter where you read it
No matter if I said it
Unless it agrees with your own REASON
And your own COMMON SENSE

What is depression?

Depression is a choice.
Depression is the result of a chemical imbalance in the brain.
Depression is a universal experience.
Depression is a mental illness.
Depression caused by certain styles of thinking.
Depression is the result of the lack of spirituality.
Depression is the result of low mental activity.

Learn about serotonin's role in depression.

What causes depression?

Human Givens Way to Beat Depression


How to Lift Depression…Fast

Reasons this book has been so phenomenally successful is the author’s first real explanation of why depressed people have continually been complaining of being exhausted and tired. Why they wake up tired in the mornings, why they find it hard to motivate themselves at the beginning of every day.

Antidepressants Cause Suicide and Violence


People Committing Suicide While on Antidepressants or Trying to Get Off Them. This is Bob. Bob thinks he’s depressed. Poor Bob. This is Bob’s doctor: Dr. Avg. Bob visits his doctor. Doctor diagnoses Bob. Bob’s doctor (like most didn’t take the time to use the right method), but Bob trusts his doctor. Poor Bob. [Point: Doctors do not research, develop, or manufacture prescription drugs. The only training most doctors receive about prescription medication is from pharmaceutical sales reps. Most pharmacists know more about antidepressants than doctors do.]

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