Natural Depression Cure, Treatment, Depression without drugs

Overcoming Depression: God, friends and exercise


You won't find them in a pharmacy, but these eight treatments could help you beat depression.
By Lesley Young

You can count on antidepressants to help battle depression - they're up to 70 per cent effective, combined with therapy - but you may also want to say a prayer or read Plato the next time a dark day strikes. Recent studies suggest that complementary approaches such as exercise, meditation and online therapy can boost the likelihood of recovery. (Not everything works, though. see Use with caution, page 56.)

Late-life depression


Late-life depression is an important health issue.

Turn tables on depression


Q. I have been feeling really down lately and I think I might be depressed. Is this normal? Doesn't everybody feel down once in a while? How do I know if I am depressed? What is depression? If I am depressed is there anything I can do about it?

Depression is hidden cause of many divorces


The official reason for your marriage breakup was infidelity, your partner's addiction or financial difficulties. But could the root problem have been depression?

Mark Whisman, a psychology professor at the University of Colorado at Boulder says more study is needed but based on his latest research into depression and marital satisfaction this could be the case in some divorces.

Depressed? Why a prescription may not be the answer


Feeling blue? Why a prescription may not be the answer

The escalation in prescription rates for antidepressant drugs over the last decade suggests that rates of depression have reached epidemic proportions, particularly among women. The idea that depression is an illness for which antidepressants are the cure is questioned by Dr. Janet Stoppard, author of Understanding Depression: Feminist Social Constructionist Approaches (Routledge, 2000) and co-editor (with Linda McMullen) of Situating Sadness: Women and Depression in Social Context (New York University Press. 2003).

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