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Depression Treatment


The goods on herbal depression treatment

St. John's Wort is a popular herbal remedy that is widely available and frequently used to treat depression. But does it work?

Defining depression

Most of us have felt down or "blue" at some time in our lives. About 15 per cent of people will suffer from a major depression at least once in their lifetime. People at higher risk of depression include women (especially post-partum), people over the age of 30, people with previous depression, and anyone with family members who have depression.

Depression medicine


Depression medicine may not be safe

A medicine widely used to treat depression could cause severe liver problems, Health Canada is warning consumers.

Nefazodone, also sold as Serzone, Lin-Nefazodone and Apo- Nefazodone, has been available in Canada since 1994. It has come to be associated with reports of jaundice, hepatitis and liver failure which have on occasion resulted in hospitalization, liver transplants or death.

Natural Depression Cures


Beating depression: Exercise makes pysychotherapy more effective

When a pint of double chocolate chip ice cream or a good cry can't chase away the blues, it's time to take action. Mild to moderate depression is a common malady that affects miliions of people.

Symptoms of Depression


Doctors often misdiagnose severe depression, psychiatrist says

People with severe cases of depression are often misdiagnosed by doctors who treat their physical symptoms without uncovering the root of the problem, says an American pioneer in depression research.

Dr. William Zung, professor of psychiatry at Duke University Medical Centre in North Carolina, said everyone suffers from short bouts of depression that last several hours or days at a time.

Depression Symptoms


Physical symptoms may point to depression

Failure to recognize the physical symptoms of depression could be one reason why many patients do not achieve full recovery, experts agreed today at a major CINP symposium.

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