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Women dealing with stress


Women, work & coping: a multidisciplinary approach to workplace stress

Keeping things simple a good way to escape stress


You don't have to be a Buddhist monk or develop an Indy driver's nerves of steel to cope with stress brought on by hectic schedules, ever-increasing demands at work, or the challenge of balancing family and work life. Concentrating on a few basics will increase your resiliency to stress.

It boils down to being "good to yourself" in the most basic of ways, according to Lyle Miller and Alma Smith. The U.S. psychologists devised the "Vulnerability To Stress Scale," a short questionnaire that measures people's ability to cope with stress.

Figuring out the cause of stress


We know: we're stressed!: That's a start: now, if only we could figure out the cause

Hollywood star Jane Seymour has an unusual definition of anxiety. "It's worrying you'll never get your figure back after having twins," she confides in a TV commercial. Seymour may play Dr. Quinn on TV but we should all be grateful she isn't a doctor in real life. How could a small weight gain cause stress for a woman who has millions to pay for a personal trainer? It probably just means Seymour would have no idea what to do in a genuine crisis.

Stress in cup: Cutting back caffeine, and other hints for stress relief


Coffee is "stress in a cup," writes stress expert and family physician Dr. David Posen in his latest book, The Little Book of Stress Relief.

Not only can too much of the coveted bean wreak havoc with your sleeping patterns, a couple of espresso shooters on an empty stomach will turn you into a nervous, hand-wringing wreck.

The remedy? Calculate your daily caffeine intake from all sources (even chocolate) and slowly wean yourself from the craved stimulant. Stay caffeine-free for three weeks and see how you feel. Likely you'll be calmer, more relaxed, says Posen.

Balance is key to stress management


Relax, it's okay to be a type A; There can be joy in stress, says author, as long as there is balance; BEST REMEDIES FOR STRESS

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