Ability of the Radiated Energy from a Mixed Para and FerroMagnetic Mineral Blend to Neutralize Heavy Metal Toxicity In-vitro


The article reports on research that attempts to measure the spontaneous energy emitted from a mixed para and ferromagnetic mineral blend in terms of its biological effects. It evaluates the effe...

Exploring Vitamin and Mineral Supplementation and Purported Clinical Effects


Exploring Vitamin and Mineral Supplementation and Purported Clinical Effects in Patients With Small Cell Lung Cancer:Results From the Mayo Clinic Lung Cancer Cohort

Abstract: Previous laboratory and pilot clinical trial data suggest that vitamin and/or mineral supplementation may prevent tumor growth in small cell lung cancer. However, rates of supplementati...

Minerals 101


wellness solutions from a natural perspective Are you being robbed of these vital nutrients?

wHERE HAVE ALL the minerals gone? Unfortunately, they're being depleted by current agricultural practices. "Pesticides and herbicides kill microbes and beneficial bacteria in the soil that plants need to be healthy," says Carolyn Dean, M.D., N.D., author of The Miracle of Magnesium. "The cheap fertilizers being used don't replace all the necessary minerals. So the soil becomes dead and empty, and foods lose their nutritional value."

Minerals and Radiation


In this paper, the measurement of parameters of radiation from various minerals and monocrystals is presented. The passage of radiation from a lead molibdat monocrystal through various materials ...

Hair Mineral Analysis: A Review and Update Based on Current Research


The article presents abstracts on hair mineral research which include a study of biological tissues of arsenic victims in West Bengal, India, concentrations of 34 trace elements in 47 females' ha...

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