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Too much, too soon


"In my town everyone drinks," says John Brodhead, 13 (at home in Jefferson, N.J., with parents Jack and Sharon and sister Jen, 19).

John Brodhead's bio reads like a script for an episode of VH1's Behind the Music. A young rebel from the New Jersey suburbs falls in with a fast crowd, gets hooked on parties and booze and, with intensive counseling and a bit of tough love, manages to get his life back together.

What makes his story different? Just one thing: his age. John is 13.

Alcoholism and marital consent


Alcoholism & marital consent: an investigation of the alcoholic's capacity/incapacity to exchange valid consent

Study links alcoholism, and craving for sweets


Studies on twins suggest that, in men, anyway, a strong craving for sweets may be linked with a tendency to alcoholism, and the cause may be genetic, researchers said Monday.

Men who have trouble controlling their sweet tooth may also have trouble staying off the bottle, a team at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill reported.

Alcoholism: Is nature or nurture to blame?


The conundrum of alcoholism; Is nature or nurture to blame?

There is a wrenching scene in the classic movie It's a Wonderful Life where George Bailey and his guardian angel are sitting in a small tavern, observing how different Bedford Falls would have been had George not been born.

In staggers old Mr. Gower, an unshaven pathetic rubby who is the object of the merrymakers' scorn and ridicule. Seltzer is sprayed in his face. He's unceremoniously tossed out on his ear.

AA members share stories


The conference room was full.

The two-day Alcoholics Anonymous conference held at the Best Western Parkway Inn came to a close after stories had been told, laughs had been shared and tears had been shed.

Among the people in the conference room for the closing speakers' addresses were people who have been sober for as long as 35 years or as little as one day.

They all had stories, and not one was the same.

Of all the unique stories, one was that of Butch, who was the main guest speaker.

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