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New studies dispute claim of single-gene link for alcoholism


A recent claim that a single gene predisposes some people to alcoholism was apparently wrong, scientists said this week.

Two new studies -- involving larger groups of people and using different research techniques -- have found no association between the suspect gene and alcoholism.

"The finding is not reproduced," said Dr. David Goldman, chief of the genetics section at the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism in Maryland. "We looked at 40 alcoholics, a large number of controls, over a hundred, and two families," and found no link between the gene and alcoholism.

Battling alcohol addiction


Battling alcohol addiction; Loneliness often cause of problem among seniors

Rose is the classic elderly alcoholic. After her husband died from Alzheimer's disease, the 73-year-old woman confined herself to her home.

Her only contact was with the driver of the Dial-a-Bottle home delivery service who kept her supplied with the liquor she drank in ever-increasing amounts.

By the time authorities found her, Rose -- not her real name -- was suffering severe malnutrition and dementia -- a condition that causes mental confusion, said Marilyn Wright of Victoria.

The dubious quest for an alcoholism gene


From the "demon rum" campaigns of the 19th century to today's freeway billboards soliciting customers for expensive treatment programs, North America has seldom enjoyed a comfortable relationship with alcohol.

The recent report of a gene "significantly associated with alcoholism" is unlikely to make it easier. The scientific conclusions are tenuous at best and the manner in which they were presented shows how medical research can be contorted to satisfy social demands.

Moderation best way to beat hangover


Several safe and effective over-the-counter remedies are available to relieve the symptoms of a hangover. All are preferable to the "hair-of-the-dog-that-bit-you" treatment of popular lore.

"A hangover symptom that is relieved by having a drink can be an important warning sign of alcohol addiction," said Dr. Robert Maslansky, an internist at New York University Medical Centre and director of Addictive Rehabilitation Services at Bellevue Hospital Center.

More than 10 million North Americans are estimated to be alcoholics and another 7.5 million are alcohol abusers.

Alcoholics don't have a disease, they just lack strong character


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