Potassium prevents heart disease


The article presents a commentary on a study conducted regarding the use of potassium on the prevention of heart disease in Taiwan. The study conducted on 1, 891 men indicated that there is a dec...

Potassium citrate increases bone mineral density


The article reports on the result of the study about the potential of potassium citrate to help enhance bone mineral density (MBD). The study was participated by 161 postmenopausal women who were...

Potassium-Rich Produce Helps You Stay Strong as You Get Older


ARE YOU GETTING enough fruits and vegetables to keep your muscles strong as you age? If you're like most Americans, the answer is probably no.

Although you surely already know something about the health benefits of foods from plants, that mention of muscles may surprise you. But new Tufts research suggests that fruits and vegetables rich in potassium may help preserve muscle mass in older adults. Loss of muscle mass with aging leads to sarcopenia, a condition first identified by Tufts scientists that's associated with frailty and increased risk of dangerous falls.

Potassium-Rich Foods Protect Muscles


The article reports on the health benefits of eating potassium-rich foods for older people.

Menu Selection for Vegan Renal Patients


The article offers guidelines about vegan diets which can be used in planning menus for people with chronic kidney disease. It features information on the proper amounts of vegan protein, sodium,...

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