Key Nutrients for Safe Hormone Balancing


The article offers information on nutrients that are suggested for women to protect their cervix, breasts, ovaries, and uterus, and for menstruating women. These nutrients include d-glucarate, gr...

Hormonal harmony


The article presents several herbs that will help women prevent symptoms associated with menopause which could lead to chronic diseases. It reveals that traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and nat...

Outcome of a Histamine-restricted Diet Based on Chart Audit


Purpose: This is a report of the outcome of dietary management (histamine restriction) of 44 subjects referred to a food allergy clinic over a 12-month period for management of 'idiopathic' urtic...

Inhibitory Effect of Nigella sativa on Histamine (H1) Receptors of Isolated Guinea Pig Tracheal Chains


In a previous study, the relaxant and anticholinergic (functional antagonism) effects of Nigella sativa have been demonstrated on guinea pig tracheal chains. To elucidate the other mechanisms res...

Histidine-GLA-Zinc Complex to Block Pain & Inflammation in Treatment-resistant Sydromes


Focuses on the use of histidine-gamma linoleic acid-zinc complex to block pain and inflammation in treatment-resistant syndromes. Reliance of patients on painkillers for deteriorating joints and...

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