Epinephrine (adrenaline)


[Depression, anxiety, fatigue and sleeplessness aren't just in your mind. An imbalance of molecules in your brain could be the cause.]

Food Cravings Rise, Tempers Flare

Temporary Hypoglycemic Attacks Trigger Prementrual Syndrome

"It's almost like being pregnant," a 25-year-old woman says. "I get these outlandish cravings for sweet foods. It's then that I know I'm approaching my period and begin to prepare myself mentally and physically for the ride on that roller coaster."

A recently divorced physician reminisces about the premenstrual battles and furies that always preceded his wife's menses.

Putting an End to Women's Global Slaughter

Discusses various issues about pregnancy and birth. Consideration of bleeding as the single most common cause of maternal death worldwide; Basic information about postpartum haemorrhage; Explanat...

Use of nebulised adrenaline in the management of steroid-resistant stridor

A letter to the editor is presented in response to the article "Use of nebulised adrenaline in the management of steroid-resistant stridor," in the "Palliative Medicine" 2007 issue.

Hot and Cold Natures and Some Parameters of Neuroendocrine and Immune Systems in Traditional Iranian Medicine

Aim: The purpose of this study was to assess differences in persons of a Hot or Cold nature (according to traditional Iranian medicine), in terms of changes in their neuroendocrine and immune sys...

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