Boost Immunity with Sterols


These plant substances help you fight viruses and lower your cholesterol.
Health Claims

Proponents say that sterols boost the immune function of healthy people (who want to prevent colds and other illnesses) and people with diseases (like HIV), and that they also reduce cholesterol.

Potent and versatile plant sterols


Provides information on plant sterols, complex lipid compounds created from the simplest of chemical building blocks like carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. Sterol compounds found in plants, fruits an...

Phytosterols Added to Foods Work to Cut Bad Cholesterol


The article reports on the effectiveness of phytosterols in cutting bad cholesterol in human bodies. A review of various phytosterols-related studies revealed that 2.15 grams of phytosterols adde...



The article reports that plant sterols have cholesterol-lowering properties. Plant sterols are part of the plant cell membranes which can inhibit the absorption of dietary cholesterol. They can d...

Sterols and low-fat foods


As you may have read in BN, plant sterols have been proven to reduce both total cholesterol levels and low-density lipoprotein (LDL), or "bad" cholesterol, levels. That's why sterols are now being added to some highfat foods such as margarine. But do they have the same effect when added to low-fat food items?

Scientists added plant sterols to low-fat foods — 2 percent milk, yogurt, bread and breakfast cereal — so that test subjects received 1.6 grams of sterols per day.

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