A Wake-Up Call on Sleep and Health


The article examines the importance of sleep on a person's health. A study published in the journal "Hypertension" reported an association between short sleep duration and high blood pressure. An...

Role of protein and carbohydrate sources on acute appetite responses in lean and overweight men


Dietary protein induces greater satiety compared with carbohydrate in lean subjects, which may involve appetite-regulatory gut hormones. Little is known about the duration of effect, influence of...

Give Your Appetite a Rest



It only takes a night of sleep deprivation to increase levels of ghrelin (the hormone that triggers hunger) and decrease levels of leptin (which suppresses hunger). As a result, your body thinks you're starving, which spikes cravings for high-fat and high-calorie foods, says Ann E. Rogers, PhD, RN, an associate professor at the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing.


By B. R.

Hunger Hormone Increases During Stress


The article reports on a medical research which indicates that ghrelin hormone defends the body against stress-induced anxiety. It notes that fasting causes ghrelin to send hunger signals to the ...

How America's CORN-UCOPIA Is Making Us Fat


The article focuses on the reasons on why the used of high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) increases the incidence of obesity in the U.S. HFCS is a concentrated product that is being synthesized from ...

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