The Role of Leptin in the Control of Body Weight


Physiologic responses to high and Iow leptin concentrations are strikingly asymmetrical. High concentrations often produce minimal effects, whereas Iow concentrations provoke strong counter-regul...

Energy regulation by the skeleton


Bones of the skeleton are constantly remodeled through bone resorption by cells called osteoclasts and bone formation by cells called osteoblasts. Both cell types are under multi-hormone control....

Circulating Concentrations of "Free" Leptin in Relation to Fat Mass and Appetite in Gastrointestinal Cancer Patients


Abstract: Recent studies have suggested that circulating concentrations of leptin might play a role in cancer cachexia. In the first part of the study, we compared circulating concentrations of f...

Leptin and Insulin Action in the Central Nervous System


Body adiposity is known to be carefully regulated and to remain relatively stable for long periods of time in most mammalian species. This review summarizes old and recent data implicating insuli...

Leptin and Undernutrition


Examines the role of leptin in undernutrition. Evolutionary origins of leptin; Information on the pleiotropic actions of leptin; Details on the dose-response characteristics of leptin; Correlati...

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