Effect of l-carnitine on glycoprotein status


Reports that the effect of L-carnitine on glycoprotein status was studied in young and aged mice. Conclusions reached.

The Science of Mother's Milk


The article discusses the components of human milk and their role in supporting the development of a baby's immune system. It states that breastmilk contains thousands of components which protect...

A Two-complementary Method Assay for Screening New Reversal Agents of Cancer Cell Multidrug Resistance


Multidrug resistance represented a major obstacle in the successful therapy of neoplastic diseases. P-Glycoprotein appears to play an important role in such cells by acting as an energy-dependent...

Angiogenesis and P-glycoprotein: Their Roles in Cancer


Focuses on the roles of angiogenesis and P-glycoprotein in tumor growth. Advancements of medicine in treating cancer; Decrease on the mortality rate of cancer; Improvement of society's education...

In Vitro Activity of St. John's Wort Against Cytochrome P450 Isozymes and P-Glycoprotein


The inhibitory activity of 18 commercial St. John's wort products ( Hypericum perforatum L. Hypericaceae) against human cytochrome P450 enzymes was assessed because recent studies have found that...

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