TSH--Thyroid-stimulating hormone (thyrotropin)

Thyroid Insufficiency. Is TSH Measurement the Only Diagnostic Tool?

Purpose: To evaluate and compare laboratory indices of thyroid function. Design: Practice-based retrospective study of patients' records. Materials and Methods: The records of all hypothyroid pat...

Your Weight-Fate Hormone


A "normal" thyroid test score may actually mean you're susceptible to weight gain, finds a new study. Your thyroid produces a metabolism hormone called TSH; a TSH reading between 0.5 and 5.0 is considered normal. But researchers at the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute in Massachusetts found that women with TSH levels closer to 5.0 gained 4 pounds more on average over 3.5 years than women with lower TSH levels. Medication can regulate TSH if necessary.



By Julian Kesner

MALE AND FEMALE HORMONE TESTING: An Underutilized Tool for Maintaining Optimal Health

The article examines the individual components of the male and female hormone panel blood test to maintain optimal health in older people. The thyroid stimulating hormone contains thyroxione and ...

Hypothyroidism: Optimizing Medication with Slow-Release Compounded Thyroid Replacement

The article reports on the results of the changed guidelines, by the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists (AACE), for optimal thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) rates in patients rece...

Townsend's New York Observer

The article discusses research on the evaluation of thyroid patients using the thyrotropin releasing hormone stimulation test. It references a study conducted by Raphael Kellman, published in the...

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