The Unscientific Bioidentical Hormone Debate


The article discusses the ban over the sale of estriol by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The author explains that FDA only protects antiquated drugs owned by pharmaceutical companie...

Lactobacilli, Estriol and Bacterial Vaginosis


Reference: Parent D, Bossens M, Bayot D, et al. Therapy of bacterial vaginosis using exogenously applied Lactobacilli acidophili and a low dose of estriol. A placebo-controlled multi-centric clinical trial. Arzneim-Forsch Drug Res 1996; 46(1):68-73.

How to Look Much YOUNGER Than Your Real Age


The article reports on new scientific studies, which uncovered new approaches to prevent and reverse facial skin aging. A large number of published scientific studies have investigated the benefi...

Natural Approaches to Prevention and Treatment of Infections of the Lower Urinary Tract


Infections of the lower urinary tract are common occurrences in young women, during pregnancy, and in peri- and postmenopausal women. Because of the chronic nature of urinary tract infections (UT...

Women's Health Update


The article examines various studies involving post-menopausal women. The studies presented include the salivary testosterone testing in post-menopausal women receiving testosterone treatment, th...

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