Bipolar Disorder

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Bipolar Treatment Without Drugs


Nutrition Linked to Bipolar Disorder: Can a nutritional supplement help people with a troubling mental disorder? ...In medical news tonight, there is new reason to be optimistic for sufferers of bipolar disorder, a condition that causes manic depression. A condition that affects hundreds of thousands of Canadians. According to findings of a small study presented today to the Canadian Psychiatric Association, a combination of vitamins and minerals may alleviate bipolar disorder’s debilitating symptoms. CTV’s Medical Correspondent Avis Favaro reports.

Healing Depression and Bipolar Without Drugs

Gracelyn Guyol is a researcher and author who did not plan to heal her bipolar disorder since doctors described it as an “incurable” condition. Instead, in response to the rapid appearance of breast cysts and tumors in 1994-95, she began a “health quest” to identify the causes, and it changed her life. She completely altered her diet, began taking specific supplements, and eliminated all potential toxins that might cause cells to mutate.

Bipolar Disorder Managment and Treatment


BIPOLAR DISORDERS are heterogeneous disorders defined by the classic domains of euphoria and depression. Over the past decade, there has been an increase in the estimated lifetime prevalence of these disorders. Recent population-based epidemiology studies suggest that up to 2% to 4% of the general population may have a bipolar disorder. These estimates represent a rapid trajectory of increase compared to estimates a decade ago.

Bipolar Disorder


Managing the highs and lows of bipolar disorder

Bipolar Disorder, also known as manic depressive illness, is a psychiatric disorder that involves changes in brain function leading to dramatic mood swings.

The unpredictability of extreme highs and lows and their intensity can disrupt daily functioning for patients and their family members alike. Some describe it as living on a continuous roller coaster.

Manic Depression


Lori felt her life was always swinging out of control. From the day she was born, she was unhappy. She excluded herself from the outside world and hid within the confines of her bedroom for hours on end. Her self-esteem was low; she was insecure, paranoid and suicidal

When she started high school her condition got worse. After bouts of overindulging on Tylenol and diet pills, one of her friends began to get worried and finally approached Lori's parents.

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