Bipolar Disorder

Natural bipolar disorder cure, manic depression, treatment without drugs

Not just the blues


A normal life: that's all Linda really wants. She'd settle for semi-normal. It's not going to happen: her husband, Ray, suffers from clinical depression. On good days, Linda and Ray (pseudonyms), both 47 and living in Manitoba, keep busy with their two preteen sons. On her husband's bad days, Linda hangs out with the boys, telling them it's not their fault that their father can't play with them.

Manic Depression: The CEO's disease


AIMLESS, RECKLESS AND POtentially dangerous whims used to be a fact of life for Pierre Peladeau. One day in 1972 the president and CEO of Quebecor Inc. decided he wanted to go to Tokyo. He took the flight, did some inconsequential business and returned home 24 hours later. Another time he flew off to make movies in Rome, although he had no prior interest in producing films. A similar impulse to launch a newspaper called the Philadelphia Journal in 1977 cost him about $14 million before he folded the doomed effort. "It's stupid. I didn't know what the hell I was doing," he says, looking back.

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