Glutathione, The Biochemical Powerhouse


The article discusses the composition of glutathione and its health benefits. Glutathione is a natural amino acid composed of cysteine, glutamic acid and glycine. It is also responsible for maint...

Glycine May Relieve Insomnia, Gastric Ulcers


Reports of the development of an insomnia treatment by Ajinomoto Co. based on amino acid glycine. Contention of the author that subjects taking up glycine an hour before bed fell asleep; Signific...

Soy ( Glycine max )-Derived Phospholipids Exhibit PotentAnti-Apoptotic Activity


We have isolated and identified a soybean phospholipid mixture fromunroasted soy ( Glycine max ) flour that is a potent inhibitor of apoptoticcell death. This phospholipid mixture has been purifi...

Osteoarthritis Symptoms Improved by Glycine


The article reports on the result of the study concerning the ability of glycine to prevent the development of osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. The study was participated by 600 patients sufferin...

The Effects of Glycine Therapy on the Fetal Outcome of Diabetic Mice


Studies the effect of glycine in preventing diabetes teratogenicity in mice. Dose administration of glycine; Limitation of malformations; Protective effect of glycine from hemoglobin glycation a...

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