62 Ways to Feel Great Naturally


These gems work like magic to make you calmer, happier, and more energetic.
1 Double Your Laughs

“A 1998 study showed that the average toddler laughs 400 times a day, but the average American adult only laughs 15 times a day,” says Martha Beck, Ph.D., a Phoenix-based life coach and author of The Joy Diet (Three Rivers Press, 2003). That's a shame because laughter relaxes your muscles, boosts immunity, and may even extend your life. So aim to laugh at least 30 times a day. To help, stash a joke book in your desk drawer.
2 Tap Away Tension

The Lowdown on Depression


There are three main types of clinical depression: major depressive disorder; dysthymic disorder; and bipolar depression, the depressed phase of bipolar disorder. A person experiencing major depr...

Exercise, Depression, and the Brain


The article examines the benefits of exercise as treatment for depression and brain disorders. In a study of wheel-running rats, it was discovered that exercise activates brain neurotransmitters ...

Interrupt the stress cycle


five do-it-yourself alternative body therapies to bust everyday tension (little or no training required)

TAKE A DEEP BREATH. DRINK WATER. MOVE. "These are the three most vital and basic ways we can take care of ourselves," says Jennifer Absey, R.N., a certified massage therapist in Woodland Hills, Calif., "but they're also the very things we tend to stop doing when we get stressed."



The article discusses the benefits of exercise in improving one's brain performance and mental health. One study found that exercise helps in treating mild to moderate depression in adults. Exerc...

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