How Love keeps you healthy


It doesn't just make you feel good – it can fight disease, boost immunity, and lower stress. Here's how

Who doesn't love being in love? A true Valentine listens to you vent about work, lets you have that last slice of pizza, and (usually) remembers to take out the trash. He doesn't expect you to the Super Bowl. And he always thinks you're sexy, even in thermal underwear and bunny slippers.

Women & Stress


Reports on the vulnerability of women to psychological stress than men. Role of the hormone oxytocin in women's response to stress; Correlation of tend-and-befriend behavioral pattern with speci...

Oxytocin: Key Hormone In Sexual Intercourse, Parturition, And Lactation


As early as 1967 the anthropologist Margaret Mead, joined by psychologist Niles Newton, published some important observations on the laboring patterns of two separate cultures in Central and South America. In one culture, the Cuna Indians of Central America, coitus and birth were viewed with shame, and labor and delivery were orchestrated by a medicine man who, though not present at the event, made medicinal teas which he gave to the midwives to administer. Labors were reported to be prolonged and agonizing.

Mothering Our Oxytocin


In this article the author discusses the important role that the posterior pituitary hormone oxytocin plays in the ability of women to go into labor, give birth and nourish their newborn infants ...

The Natural Love Drug



Oxytocin, a bonding hormone, reduces stress and nurtures every relationship. Here's how to make more of it

EARLIER THIS YEAR, my wife and I went on a 5-day cruise to Mexico with our children, their spouses, and our young grandkids. Observing my own close-knit clan, I began ruminating on how readily old family members forge deep bonds with new additions, such as grandchildren and daughters-in-law. As a neuroscientist, I wondered: What mechanism in the brain is responsible for forging these connections among not just kin but also friends, neighbors--even strangers?

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