Reduce Blood Pressure--Naturally


The article discusses natural methods of reducing blood pressure. The author describes nutritional approaches to preventing and treating hypertension including eliminating wheat and corn starch, ...

Cerebral Blood Flow Effects of Yoga Training: Preliminary Evaluation of 4 Cases


Objectives: Experienced practitioners of yoga have been shown to alter brain function, but this case series measured cerebral blood flow before and after a 12-week training program in Iyengar yog...

PHYSICIAN'S GUIDE: Using Blood Test Findings To Safely Induce Weight Loss


The article discusses the proper way of interpreting blood test results for an effective prevention of obesity among humans. Proper interpretation is considered important in suggesting medication...

Protecting Against Glycation and High Blood Sugar with Benfotiamine


The article discusses how benfotiamine helps in protecting against glycation and high blood sugar. Benfotiamine, a fat-soluble form of vitamin B1, blocks destructive biochemical pathways that ena...

WARNING! Normal Blood Pressure May Be High Blood Pressure!


Cites the possibilities that normal blood pressure could be high blood pressure. Symptoms of high blood pressure; Causes of hypertension; Preventive measures of hypertension.

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