Blood vessels

Walnuts Linked to Healthier Blood Vessels


The article reports on the findings of the benefits of walnuts in diabetic patients which were revealed by David L. Katz, doctor of medicine (MD), of Yale University and colleagues.

Help for hearts and blood vessels



From tiny balloons to lasers and motorized drills and scrapers, a growing array of tools for unclogging arteries--mainly in the heart and legs--helps physicians to increasingly individualize patient care. Yet unknown, however, is how much this will change the course of heart and blood vessel disease, which claims nearly a million lives each year.
Heart + Blood = Life

Allicin Inhibits Blood Vessel Growth and Downregulates Akt Phosphorylation and Actin Polymerization


The article focuses on a study, which demonstrates allicin inhibited basic steps of the angiogenic process such as proliferation of endothelial cells (ECs) and their ability to form tube-like str...

BILBERRY: Targeted Protection for the Eyes, Blood Vessels, and Heart


The article focuses on the therapeutic properties of the bilberry and its beneficial effects on human health. A research found out that the bilberry contains a healing phytochemical called anthoc...

Recovery of Small-Sized Blood Vessels in Ischemic Bone Under Static Magnetic Field


Effects of static magnetic field (SMF) on the vascularization in bone were evaluated using an ischemic bone model, where rat femoral artery was ligated. Magnetized and unmagnetized samarium-cobal...

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