Overlooked & Overworked: Preventive maintenance for your stomach, liver and pancreas


Overlooked & OVERWORKED: Preventive maintenance for your stomach, liver and pancreas

A European soy derivative helps protect vital organs from the effects of toxic overload, obesity, alcohol, aspirin and NSAIDs -- and helps maintain a youthful cholesterol profile.

New Advance in Pancreatic Cancer


The article looks at the case of a 52-year-old Caucasian female who was diagnosed with an advanced metastatic pancreatic cancer. It notes the resistance of the disease to various treatments, incl...

Energizing enzymes


A fitter, rejuvenated you may be just one enzyme supplement away. Our buyer's guide shows you what you need now

YOU'VE SHRUNK!" Elizabeth Yarnell's mother exclaimed when her daughter returned from a month-long trip overseas transformed from a size 8 to a size 2.

Yarnell was almost as surprised as her mom. She hadn't made the slightest change to her diet or exercise habits. The only thing she had done differently was start taking a digestive enzyme supplement — one capsule with each meal, two if the meal contained dairy.

Silent but Deadly: The Body's Hidden Organ


Sweet Sorrow: The Problematic Pancreas Pancreas

In human adults, the pancreas is a flattened gland, about six to eight inches long. It is buried deep in the abdomen behind the stomach, where it connects the small intestine at the duodenum, just under the stomach. Also called the "hidden organ," the pancreas is not readily accessible and is thus difficult to examine by conventional methods. It is hidden, too, from our understanding, to a large extent.

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