Neurobiology of Nutrition and Obesity


In the course of evolution, the need to eat has powerfully shaped biological structure and function. As a result, nutrient-depletion signals strongly activate neural mechanisms that orchestrate f...

Pine Nut Oils Significantly Increase Satiety Hormone, Reduce Appetite


The article reports on the findings of a placebo-controlled, double-blind study on Korean pine nut oil. The study, which employed 18 overweight and postmenopausal women, reveals that the pine nut...

Curb Compulsive Eating Naturally


The article discusses research which found that an extract from the spice saffron may help to control a person's appetite level and may help reduce compulsive eating. The role that the extract ma...

My Mother, My Appetite


Why does one so often seem related to the other?

I have a friend who is not an emotional eater. Food has never been a problem for her. In fact, being skinny has been her problem. This was a major stumbling block for me when we met. It seemed like such a waste of my hard-earned insight to be friends with someone who couldn't appreciate a good binge or my extensive research on the best sweet potato pie in San Francisco. I soon realized, however, that while I was developing my food skills, she was developing her shopping skills, and that between the two, we pretty much had the world covered.

The Most Complete Approach to Appetite & Weight Control


The article describes homeopathy as an effective approach to weight loss and appetite control. Homeopathy activates the body's own natural healing processes to allow each individual to regain and...

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