Eating Ourselves to Death


The author reflects on a new compound that suppresses appetite and enable a person to consume fewer calories without hunger. He remarks that this novel drug was developed to suppress hunger mecha...

10 appetite cutoff switches


Natural Weight Loss

New research about beating the cravings that sabotage weight loss

Taming your primal appetite


Give it up! You can't conquer the biology of hunger with willpower. Here's how to outsmart the 7 situations that trigger your nature-given urge to overeat.

We live in a society of overwhelming abundance and variety, where grocery store shelves are jammed with a selection of foods that would have amazed previous generations. A constant barrage of advertising urges us to nibble, munch and load up our plates, and it's all too easy to satisfy our desire for fat and sugar.

Key Triggers of an Increased Appetite and a Natural Solution


Discusses the factors which triggered an increase in appetite. Reason for the increasing number of obesity problems; Sources of appetite signals; Functions of adiponectin in appetite, metabolism...

Food Flavors and Appetite: A Look at the Flavor Point Diet


The article provides an answer to a question regarding the effectiveness of the book "The Flavor Point Diet," in weight control.

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