25 Tips to Recharge Your Memory


The best ways to beat absentmindedness are amazingly simple - and totally fun

Is there any better advice than your mother's adage to "Put things back in the same place," or the used car salesman's habit of repeating your name over and over?

There's plenty! But that doesn't mean that your mom and the salesman aren't on to something. Many of the old-fashioned tips work-if you establish a habit of using them. But there are also new ideas, variations on classics, and specific-and fun-ways to sharpen your recall.

Useful Tool Against Severe Memory Loss


The article deals with useful tools against severe memory loss. As it inevitably comes to afflict the entire brain beyond just the memory centers, dementia represents an extreme state of brain de...

Treat your brain well


The article focuses on brain injuries, one of the top four causes of death among Canadians. It states that brain injury survivors lose their short term memory and has the difficulty to retain the...

THe Brain-Power WorKout


Think sharper and look slimmer with our 7-day ultimate body and mind routine

The road to a fit mind isn't paved in crossword puzzles alone. In fact, walking that road can also give your gray matter a boost, according to top researchers. "Exercise is as close to a magic bullet as brain fitness gets," says John Medina, PhD, director of the Brain Center for Applied Learning at Seattle Pacific University. Physical activity bathes neural tissue in oxygen-rich blood, increasing the production of chemicals that improve memory, attention, and problem-solving.

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