Unwanted facial hair?


The article presents questions and answers related to natural products including the use of saw palmetto to help women treat facial hair and the recommended allowance of soy.



Finding the keys to healthy locks

Whether its long or short, thick or think, your hair is more than a biological accessory -- it tells a story about you. Just as your skin can reveal your current state of emotional and physical health, the look and manageability of your locks can reflect good health or a hormonal and dietary imbalance. Your hair also reveals something about your genetic background, which dictates its texture, volume, and color. Pretty amazing, huh? Especially given the fact that you hair is not alive.

Periodical Hair repair


Haven't seen the hair you were born with since ... well, when you were born? All of that coloring, curling, straightening and blow-drying is doing damage — but it's reversible. Get back to your roots for hair that's healthy, vibrant and simple to style.

Hair Mineral Analysis: A Review and Update Based on Current Research


The article presents abstracts on hair mineral research which include a study of biological tissues of arsenic victims in West Bengal, India, concentrations of 34 trace elements in 47 females' ha...

The New Rules of Healthy Hair


Out with old-school hair care. In with the new. And guess what? Our way is easier, faster, better.

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