New help for ailing nails


Today's best treat persistent fungus infections

Regular pedicures might make your feet look in the pink. But unfortunately, smoothed and painted nails don't get you anywhere in the fight against nail fungus. Fungi, a category of plants that includes yeasts, molds and dermatophytes (skin fungi), may seem like a minor nuisance. But they pose a major challenge to people who are genetically vulnerable--which may include a significant percent of the population.

Hair & nail rescue


If appearance is important to you, then healthy, well-groomed hair and nails are likely essential to your dress code. But, with the vast quantity of personal-care products available today, it can be quite challenging to know which products can help you succeed in keeping your hair and nails in good condition and looking their best. The natural-beauty-care industry has come of age when it comes to hair and nail products, and there are more choices available today for health-conscious consumers than ever before.
Hair today, hair tomorrow

Gnarly Nails



Toenail fungus is not a pretty sight. Read on to find out how you got it--and how to avoid it

The nail file: Health at your fingertips


The article offers information how nails can provide accurate record and symptoms regarding our health. It mentions that havign brittle nails can indicate poor dietary Vitamin A while dry nails m...

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