Thymus health


How to balance and support the master gland of the immune system.

The immune system is one of the most complex and fascinating systems of the human body. Its prime functions are involved in protecting the body against infection and against the development of cancer. Support and enhancement of the immune system is the most important and vital step in reducing our susceptibility to colds, the flu, and even cancer. The most effective method in maintaining or attaining a healthy immune system is supporting the functions of the thymus gland.
What is the thymus?

Importance of the THYMUS in IMMUNITY


Discusses the importance of the thymus in the immune system. Details on the maturation of T lymphocytes; Involution of the thymus during aging and sensitivity to infections; Conclusions.

Combating Hair Loss & Lichen Sclerosis with Thymus Peptides


The article presents information on several studies which examined the efficacy of a new product called Thymuskin in preventing hair loss. Several placebo-controlled double-blind studies on the e...

Aging Gracefully with Thymus Extract, DHEA, Yoga and Calorie Restriction


The article discusses on methods and techniques that minimize the ill effects of aging and maximize the period of active and healthy life. There is substantial and accepted evidence that caloric ...

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