Soda is Bad for Muscles


The article reports on the research which found that excessive soda consumption will lead to muscular health problems in Ioannina Island, Greece. It notes that drinking of soda beverages will res...

Medicinal Herbs for Muscles and Joints


The article focuses on the benefits of medicinal herbs for muscles and joints inflammation. Arnica is the best herb for muscles strained after a strenuous work days. Tumeric becomes popular for i...

Potassium-Rich Foods Protect Muscles


The typical American diet generates tiny amounts of acid each day. As people age, a mild metabolic acidosis develops. It may increase slowly over time, and it appears to trigger a muscle-wasting response.

Researchers looked at links between lean body mass and diets relatively high in potassium-rich, alkaline-residue-producing fruits and vegetables to see whether these foods influenced lean tissue mass. They conducted a cross-sectional analysis on a subset of about 400 men and women 65 years of age or older who had completed a three-year osteoporosis-intervention trial.



The article discusses how sarcopenia or loss of muscle strength can be treated and prevented. A small study at the University of California, San Diego claimed that dehydroepiandrosterone or DHEA,...

Strong muscles and bones


Try multitalented strength training. A remarkable new study by Tufts University researchers found that strength training "turned back the clock" in several different--sometimes unexpected--ways for postmenopausal women. Researchers compared two groups of 20 women, ages 50 to 70 years. One group performed five different strength-training exercises for two sessions a week. The other group did no strength training. Results: After one year, the women in the training program

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