7 Supplements for Better Bones


When we go for a check-up, most healthcare practitioners listen to our hearts, take our weight and blood pressure and may even discuss age- and sex-appropriate cancer-screening tests. Another significant, although less high-profile, aspect of good health that is sometimes overlooked is the condition of our bones.

Strong muscles and bones


Try multitalented strength training. A remarkable new study by Tufts University researchers found that strength training "turned back the clock" in several different--sometimes unexpected--ways for postmenopausal women. Researchers compared two groups of 20 women, ages 50 to 70 years. One group performed five different strength-training exercises for two sessions a week. The other group did no strength training. Results: After one year, the women in the training program

Animal Protein Bad for Bones


The article provides information on a study published by Q. Zhang and colleagues in the "British Journal of Nutrition" which assessed the association between bone mass accretion and dietary prote...

Build better bones


Your exercise prescription for a stronger body

A few smart moves to help you fend off osteoporosis.

mINTAINING HEALTHY BONES requires more than a calcium supplement. U.S. Surgeon General Richard Carmona recently issued a report that prescribes exercise to prevent — and even reverse — the bone disorder osteoporosis.

Protecting Women's Bones: Is the Secret Soy or the Asian Diet?


The article reports on the research made by Woon-Puay Koh and colleagues from the National University of Singapore on the significance of soy intake in protecting men and women from bone fracture...

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