Beneath the Label


The article discusses dietary supplements available in stores. There are supplements to ease depression and fight off airborne germs; tonics to fortify the male and female reproductive systems; h...

Our Mother's Little Helpers


Autumn is here, and with it the smell of leaves burning, crisp nights and early mornings with warm days. This is my favorite time of year. Energy slows down and thoughts turn to putting things up for the winter and in many ways putting ourselves up for the winter. Now there will be time to read all those articles and books that have accumulated during the summer months, and it's easier to drink hot teas and relax in the evening. This month I am going to focus on herbs that benefit the reproductive system. It seems like that is the energy that is floating in and out of my life.

Healing Touch and Fertility: A Case Report


Fertility and conception have been a concern through the ages. This case report documents the use of healing touch (HT), a noninvasive energy-field therapy, with the intent to facilitate concepti...

Let's get personal


Provides information related to sex and the reproductive system of women. Spiritual aspect of Tantric sex; Link of irregular menstruation cyclles of women to other health problems; Grants awarde...

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome


The article presents information on polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) which is one of the most common hormonal problems for women and a risk factor for type-2 diabetes. Instead of producing eggs...

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