The Miraculous Uterus


Last issue we saw how over 700,000 women each year undergo hysterectomies, and how this often unnecessary surgical practice has ballooned into a $4 billion a year industry. Let's now look at the consequences of a hysterectomy, and why you may want to do your best to avoid the scalpel.

Using Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture to Treat Infertility(Part IV)


The article throws light on the use of Chinese medicine and acupuncture in the treatment of infertility. Rou gui, also known as cinnamon acts to increase testosterone levels and insulin activity;...

The Reactive Uterus or the Birth Day Balloon


IT'S ARM's 21st birthday and so this seems an appropriate time to air another theory that has escaped the textbooks. Before writing a book intended to be mainly about home birth, I thought I really ought to learn about how the uterus works in labour. To my surprise there was very little information. Learned tome after learned tome outlined the three stages of labour telling the reader what happens but nowhere did it say how.

A Trophoblast from the Past


The article offers information about trophoblastic cells. The author noted that trophoblastic cells form the layer of embryonic tissue that attaches the embryo or fetus to the wall of mother's ut...

Bronchodilating and Uterine Activities of Ageratum conyzoides Extract


Ageratum conyzoides root and aerial part extracts induced relaxation on isolated trachea. There was no significant difference between the activities of root and aerial part extracts. When Histami...

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