Vaginismus When sex is painful


The article focuses on the issue of vaginismus in women. The article describes vaginismus as a protective involuntary tensing of the musculature around the vaginal opening. According to the autho...

Herbally Treating the Vagina and Adnexa


Externally treating the vagina and adnexa (adjacent parts) presents an opportunity for creatively applying herbs. This article presents eight techniques for external herbal application to the vaginal region. I co-developed this material with Dr. Yitian Ni, OMD, LAc, as part of a seminar on abnormal vaginal discharges that she presented in March 1998. I had the great fortune of learning from and closely working with Dr. Ni throughout the 1990s.


Yeast infections: Understanding the causes


The article provides information relate to the symptoms and treatment of vaginal yeast infections. The main symptoms include itching in the vaginal area, pain on urination and as unpleasant disch...

Probiotic Treatment for Bacterial Vaginosis


The article discusses a clinical study on 190 women with bacterial vaginosis. It states that the Nugent score of at least 5 points was higher in the active-treatment group as compared to that in ...

Controlling `yeast' infections


Intense itching is usually the hallmark of a vaginal yeast infection. Once woman has experienced it, she's not likely to forget it.

Nearly 75 percent of all women will have at least one such infection in their lifetime. Many are plagued by recurring yeast infections, which are most frequent between the ages of 16 and 35.

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