Testosterone: Key to masculinity and more


From the first glance at the newborn, the evidence is obvious--a tiny penis and a scrotum enclosing the testes. No doubt about it; a male child.

But his gender wasn't always so clear. For the first six weeks or so of gestation, this new baby boy appeared identical to a girl. He had embryonic gonadal cells that looked like they could quite normally develop into ovaries. He had tissue apparently capable of forming fallopian tubes, a uterus, and vagina.

Male infertility


This article discusses infertility in males. Infertility can have medical causes such as varicoccie, undescended testis or testes, enlarged prostate, diabetes, thyroid disease, herpes simplex vir...

Testes to Testy: A Look at Anabolic Steroids


The article focuses on the role of steroids in the human body. It notes that testosterone synthesization creates anabolic steroids which increase physical stamina on males. It states that the Int...

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