Vas deferens

Effects of Thymoquinone, the Major Constituent of Nigella sativa Seeds, on the Contractile Responses of Rat vas Deferens


We have evaluated the effects of thymoquinone on smooth muscle contraction in the isolated rat epididymal vas deferens using tension recording technique. The contractile responses to norepinephri...

I can't believe I'm asking this!


Section: news & trends Q: "I'd like my husband to get a vasectomy, but when I bring it up, he turns pale. Does it hurt?"

A: Conventional snip 'n' clip vasectomy involves a 1/2-inchlong incision in his exquisitely sensitive scrotum, then cutting, burning, or tying off the sperm-carrying tubes called the vas deferens. Once anesthesia wears off, it can be painful for 3 days. A better, no-scalpel option: The doc works through a tiny puncture in the scrotum. Ice and Tylenol ease any aches in the first 24 hours, says Marc Goldstein, MD, of New York Weill Cornell Medical College.

Surgery-Free Vasectomy


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A no-cut procedure could take most of the pain and fear out of a vasectomy.

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