Yohimbe tree bark: Herbal Viagra better gotten by Rx


Long before Viagra, there was yohimbe, derived from the bark of the West African tree, Pausinystalia yohimbe. Valued as an aphrodisiac in folkloric medicine for centuries and widely used in Europe for the past 75 years, yohimbe is said to stimulate sexual appetite and enhance performance in men. Can it really perk up a sagging love life?

Male Fertility Boosters


midlife motherhood

Infertility is an equal opportunity condition. Although women get most of the attention, in nearly half of all couples, it's the man who has a problem. At last, researchers are finding out how men can improve their chances of starting a family.

Check your numbers Babystart Male Fertility Test ($40,, the first FDA-approved home sperm-count test, alerts a man if there are fewer than 20 million sperm in a millimeter of semen, the number that the World Health Organization deems a low sperm count, suggesting infertility.

Erectile Dysfunction


Focuses on the percentage of American men experiencing erectile dysfunction (ED) in the U.S. Contribution of ED to depression and loss of self-esteem; Availability of a gauge that fits over the p...

Peyronie's Disease, Varicocele & Male Sterility, and Increasing Sperm Motility with Chinese Medicine


Discusses the role of Chinese medicines in treating diseases including Peyronie's disease, varicocele and male sterility. Identification of Peyronie's disease as fibrosis of the cavernous sheath ...

Korean Red Ginseng Helps Men with Erection Problems in Clinical Study


Reports on the use of Korean red ginseng in the erection problems of men. Efficacy of Korean red ginseng; Clinical trials conducted for the study; Effectivity of ginseng.

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