Size doesn't (always) matter


Focuses on the fact concerning the presumed correlation between the shoe size and the length of penises.

Help him measure up


This article discusses findings of a study conducted by an Egyptian researcher on men's perception toward the size of their penises. The researcher measured the penises of 92 men who believed the...

Step 9: Discourages Nonreligious Circumcision of the Newborn


Step 9 of the Ten Steps of Mother-Friendly Care discourages nonreligious circumcision of the newborn. The rationale for compliance and systematic review are presented.



Focuses on the control of orgasm by men. Involvement of media production depicting orgasm on emergencies or death; Assessment of the size and function of penis for adequacy; Ability of men to co...

The ultimate sexercise


Improve — or regain — your love life naturally with a quick below-the-waist workout regimen

SHOULD A PELVIC CLENCH be as much a part of a man's workout as a bench press or biceps curl?

A report in BJU [British Journal of Urology] International found that strengthening the pelvic floor using a technique known as Kegel exercises can improve erectile function with the same overall efficacy rate as Viagra.

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