SINUS & Bronchial TREATMENT (FLU) Oils from the Colds & Flu Kit


The author discusses sinus and bronchial treatment options for cold and flu. Nasal lavage with a neti pot is described for relief of a sinus infection. Treatment options include external massage ...

Psychoneuroimmunoendocrinology Review and Commentary: Allergies and Side Effects of Medications


The article provides information on allergies and the side effects of medications highlighting clinical applications of cogent studies. One allergy is asthma and breathing which is a complex synd...

A 42-Year-Old Man with Bronchiectasis


A case of bronchiectasis is presented. Based upon the character of his phlegm - thick yellow, stringy and sweet - as well as his fastidiousness and other cancerinic miasmatic traits, Dr. Moskowit...

Dietary Salt Intake as a Potential Modifier of Airway Responsiveness in Bronchial Asthma


While pharmacologic treatment of chronic asthma is usually highly effective, medications often have significant side-effects or exhibit tachphylaxis. Alternative and/or complementary treatments t...

Subluxation-Based Nutrition: Lungs and bronchi


Unlike the circulatory system with which it must work in harmony, the respiratory system can be controlled both voluntarily and involuntarily. It is a marvelously complex mechanism for exchanging nutrient (oxygen) and waster (carbon dioxide).

This suggests two essential functions dependent upon respiration for the maintenance of homeostasis.

First, oxygen must be supplied for energy production, i.e., oxidative phosphorylation in the Krebs Cycle. (In the absence of oxygen, lactic acid is formed by the substitute process of glycolysis.)

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